The symbol for Retsupurae, which is their youtube channel picture.

Retsupurae is a YouTube channel run for the purpose of showing flaws in LPs and sometimes video games or flash games. They have received both hate and respect.

The name Retsupurae is intended to sound like the japanese pronunciation of the term let's-play (retsu-purae). The channel creator was learning Japanese at the time and the name is Japonified (incorrectly).

They make videos by recording themselves watch a LP, and have different categories:

  • Wrongupraes: long plays (making fun of the game rather than the LP itself)
  • Bad Let's Plays
  • Retsufrash: flash games on Newgrounds
LP Lore - History of Let's Play, Part 1 (From the RestuTalk Podcast, Episode 1)

LP Lore - History of Let's Play, Part 1 (From the RestuTalk Podcast, Episode 1)

Slowbeef talks of the history of Let's Play.

Retsupurae is run mostly by users Ben "Diabetus" Whitfield and Michael "Slowbeef" Sawyer, but has many others appear on the channel, such as Psychedelic Eyeball, Proteus, ProtonJon, and Dave_OSlowbeef was present at the start of LPs and created the first video (as opposed to screenshot) LP. He talks about it in the Retsutalk podcast pilot.

Retsupurae has received hate from PewDiePie fans for posting "Adults React To PewDiePie", in which the cast of Retsupurae can be seen, as well as user submitted reactions. They cover this controversy in Retsutalk episode 10.

Adults React To PewDiePie

Adults React To PewDiePie

Slowbeef at 0:23

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