Rubadubblub (Youtube Channel : Rubadubblub) Also known as "Robbie", Is a 15 year old let's player, who started "Let's Playing" in June 2011. He is also known to enjoy Multiplayer commentaries more as he can have a conversation with the partner causing the video to not get boring.

The PeepsEdit

Rubadubblub refers to his subscribers as the "Peeps" and are "very artistic" due to them sending him fan-art via e-mail.

Significant LPsEdit

"Bloxed "

"Project Float "

"Terraria Multiplayer "

"Terraria Singleplayer "

"Pokemon Blue "

"Minecraft "

"Terraria Heaven and Hell "

"Paper Mario "

"Final Fantasy I "

"Pokemon Gold "


"Hello My Peeps" - His Intro to his videos

"Rule #1 of video games, never question something that helps you." Says this to people who question video games.

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