SamSameSammek aka Samesonite aka Sammek, is a Swedish video-gamer and "let's player" who plays video games and records his reactions through audio and webcam. He is especially known for his charming personality and funny humor. The name "SamSameSammek" was formed when the name Sammek was already taken. By taking (Sam from Samuel) + Same + Sammek it litterarly meant Sam is Sammek. He refers to his fanbase as Bros. SamSameSammek has a girlfriend.


SamSameSammek has multiple series going on. One of these include Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels - BIG ROUND BOOTY - Part 1-0

Happy Wheels - BIG ROUND BOOTY - Part 1-0


Samuel has three YouTube accounts. Samesonite is his main channel. SamSamesammek, is his old Vlog channel, and TheKotevskibrothers is his secondary channel together with his younger brother.

SamSameSammek makes Funny and Scary Moments Montages on occasion, to celebrate various mile

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stones, such as his amount of subscribers. The montages consist of his favorite scary and funny moments of gaming throughout his previous videos

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