SelenicMartian is a Let's Player from the Something Awful forums, known for his extensive knowledge of the Strike Fighters series, Cold War-era military aviation, and having a unique accent that is largely unplaceable. His LP of Strike Fighters 2 completed in August 2014, and was widely regarded as one of the most informative military-oriented LPs produced on the forums. The LP ended with over 1000 posts and over 50,000 thread views.

Strike Fighters 2 LP LinksEdit

Contents: Video 0: Test recording with poor sound, in which a P-51D amuses a Soviet aircraft carrier in Iceland. DO NOT WATCH!

Subtitles FAQ: red - player related, yellow - player squadron related, blue - friendly squadron related.

Season 1. Operation Kadesh - A Lovely Hebrew Mass (P-51D Mustang)Edit

Season 2. Operation Kadesh - Go down, Moses (Meteor F.8)Edit

Season 3. Red Tide - I Never Met a Man I Didn't Mutilate (Hunter F.4)Edit

Season 4. Red Thunder - Rain-in-the-Face (F-105D Thunderchief)Edit

Season 5. Rolling Thunder - Weapons of the Future (F-4B & F-8C)Edit

Season 6. Rolling Thunder - A Classic Vespa (A-4B)Edit

Season 7. Six-Day War - A Jew? Here? (Mirage IIICJ Shahak)Edit

Season 8. Red Hammer - Supercruising For a Bruising (Lightning F.3)Edit

Season 9. Red Hammer - Join the Navy (F-4D Phantom II)Edit

Season 10. Linebacker I - Across Her Nose, Not Up It! (F-4J Phantom II)Edit

Season 11. Linebacker II - Goons For Hire, Thugs For Rent (F-8J Crusader et al.)Edit

Season 12. Yom Kippur War - Hump or Death (A-4H Ahit)Edit

Season 13. Red Lightning - An Office On the Top Floor (F-15A Eagle)Edit

Season 14. Red Lightning - Not Supported By This Engine (A-10A Thunderbolt II)Edit

Season 15. Red Lightning - Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (Harrier GR.3)Edit

Season 16. Northern Sabre - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (A-7E Corsair II (74))Edit

Season 17. Northern Sabre - Always Underpowered, Never Outgunned (F-14A Tomcat (77))Edit

Season 18. The Lebanon War - Duck Tales (Kfir C2)Edit

Season 19. The Lebanon War - A Viper's Bite (F-16A)Edit

The tale of our evolution We ditched the piston engine and the propeller in favour of the jet turbine, prepared for the high speed with swept wings and stabilators; our afterburners took us to Mach 1; we received aiming assistance from a radar, streamlined our bombs and learned to pack our rockets tighter, let loose some heat-seeking missiles, dabbled in supercruising, pondered the advantages of spoilerons, hit the targets beyond visual range with semi-active radar homing missiles, deployed retarded and guided bombs, taught our missiles to sniff out the enemy radars and backed that up with inertial guidance; our computer helped us aim our unguided bombs; we played with the elevons on a tailless delta wing, aimed our bombs with our own laser, used the Doppler effect to clean up the noise on our radar screen, hit them with guided air-to-ground missiles, asked a computer to help us control the plane, tried out thrust vectoring, sampled the magical speed of a phased array radar and put some radars into our missiles, envied the speed of cruise missiles, wore canards because they look funny, and finally went full fly-by-wire.

The pilot room

  • Emir "Killer7" Parkreiner (retired after surviving Operation Kadesh)
  • Karim "Sphynx" Ibrahan suggested by Veloxyll (retired after surviving Operation Kadesh with 37 air kills)
  • Jack "Goldfish" Harkness suggested by SSJ Reeko (stopped the Red Tide with 39 kills)
  • Bruce "Footlong" Goosby suggested by Leif. (became an ace and crashed on landing on the last day of service)
  • Quincey "Deadleye" McGraw. born of sunburstbasser and Soup Inspector (returned to Vietnam, got captured, but started a small personality cult in the jungle)
  • Wilbur "A Great Santini" Meechum kinda suggested by Bacarruda (proudly wore a tight-fitting plane to Vietnam)
  • Peter "Fizzy" Wiseburgh suggested by Suspect Bucket (got 14 kills in six days)
  • Earl "Grey" Assam (builds a post-nuclear tea empire)
  • Flash "Lionel O" Storm inspired by Cooked Auto and Makrond (retired in the middle of a war, with 15 kills)
  • Don "Dingle" Berry suggested by The Casualty (tells tales of flying through the forest of smoke trails)
  • Che "Rebel" Castro (retired to his plane breeding ranch)
  • Ilan "Senator" Sharon suggested by Leif. (rode his A-4H for so long, it became a hunchback)
  • Randall "Duke" Cunningham suggested by Dusseldorf (got zapped by Red Lightning, and helped his unit to achieve 216 kills)
  • Toledo "No Callsign" Conway suggested by Strabo (crushed the Soviet forces in Germany in two weeks)
  • Barbara Millicent "Barbie" Roberts (searches for the Pegasus turbofan sister)
  • Martin "Scuba Tank" Brody (chills watching the world burn)
  • Pete "Maverick" Mitchell suggested by Bacarruda (departed Iceland leaving a trail of crashed Tomcats behind)
  • Donald "Canard" Duck (says no to re-visiting Cyprus)
  • Avi "Anvil" Lieberman suggested by Leif. (recommends the Lebanese airspace as a relaxing holiday destination)
  • Special appearances by Sodoff "Baldrick!" Baldrick.
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