SlyFoxHound is a YouTube Lets player who is know for his golden giggle and love of his subscribers.


Slyfox got his name from one of his first girlfriends. Eddie (Slyfox) called her Curious Cat, which one of his band's songs are written about. When Sly was in the band (Stuck In Your Radio) he enjoyed entertaining people, after the band split up he started his YouTube career, where he was unconfident and nervous, his first video he did was with his girlfriend at the time (Leola). He thought he was too scared to do one alone. Sly started of his career with Call of Duty videos at the time not knowing he would become the star he is today. After time had passed he started to find people such as P-Bat. Eddie always says he could not have gotten as far as he is now without P-Bat. P-Bat was invited on a podcast called Creature Talk, he didn't want to go alone so he invited Sly aswell. This introduced Sly to the group known as "The Creatures" Sly later joined this group. In 2012 his band, Stuck in Your Radio, reformed with a new bacest ImmortalHD. Togther they made seveal songs such as "SlyFox and The Curious Cat" and "Homies Unite". In 2013 he hit one million subscribers. In 2013 due to family matters he left The Creatures but they keep in contact and are still good friends.


Slyfox called his subscribers the "Homies" these people follow Sly and are very loyal to him! Sly's "homies" have his back in life and game, as said on one of his songs with P-Bat ("Take A Stand" this song is all about how to become a good youtuber). Slyfox always claims that his "homies" are like family, and he sure does make us feel like a family.


Eddie's series include:

[Prototype 2]


Tree House with The Creatures

Minecraft Marriage with Mrs.Rachel, ImmortalHD and Cynthiaa

The Ex-Communicated Series


Sonic Adventure 2


Road to Hipo

Breaking Friends (Upcoming Season 2)

Back To The Basics with PaperBatVG

Homies Power Level Friday!!!!

Sonic Generations

Minecraft Daily

A lot of Slyfox's content is Minecraft but he is always putting something new out there that isn’t Minecraft!