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superskarmory, often simply known as SS, is a very popular LPer on Youtube, most notably known for his work on Nintendo handhelds- such as the GBA, DS, and 3DS. As of 4/22/12, he had 152,213 subscribers and 133,619,656 video views. His real name is Eyan and is 18 years old, but not much has been revealed about his personal life beyond that. He joined Youtube in 2007 and has been making walkthroughs ever since. Although he doesn't use a capture card or anything like that, but rather just a camcorder, his walkthroughs are still high quality. 

He started using capture card recording on part 25 of his current LP of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

Let's PlaysEdit

Completed (In order; click link for playlist)Edit


"Oh, hai there!" (at the beginning of every video)

"Thank you, and good night." (at the end of every video)

"OZZY!!" (Used as a substitute name for Mario in New Super Mario Bros.)

"Stupid Goomba!" (Mainly used in Super Mario 64 DS)

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