To anyone who visit's Lucah's wiki: Lucah's wiki should really have a section for her memorable quotes. I can create the section, but I will need help gathering quotes. Can you help? Due to my schedule, I don't have time to watch many videos during the day. I know that many people don't have the time to watch many videos either, but if you do, I would appreciate the help. I have 2 quotes to put on the list already, so I'll type them below. Thank you for your cooperation!

"Just like all my first dates!" - Said in many LPs. "I c*m for tacos." - South Park: Stick of Truth. {I had to type it that way for reasons...You know what the word is if you watched episode 22}

Midnight Rose 8 (talk) 21:52, October 24, 2014 (UTC)Midnight_Rose_8

Are you talking about this page, or an actual Lucahjin wiki? If your talking about this page then no, no one can help you because quotes/catchphrases sections are no longer allowed. And If it's not for this page then no, because article talk pages are for discussion about how to improve articles only.

Also I know what the word is and I've never even seen on of her videos video :p Inutsu (talk) 00:35, October 25, 2014 (UTC)