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TheGamingDile is America Lets player who loves to play all kinds of games like dark Souls to more kid friendly games like Luigi’s maison. He is a YouTuber who he thinks is for poeple age 13+ due to some times saying Damn It. He is a YouTube who uploads allmost ever day with most weeks having 7

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Let’s plays / Walkthrough


dark Souls 3

Warframe story 1

Trine 3

Luigi’s Maison

Samruai Jack: Shadow of Aku

Current Let’s Plays / Walkthrough

Samruai Jack: Shadow of Aku

Trine 3

cancelled Let’s Plays / Wakethrough

Bloodborne - Due to starting Dark Souls 3

Racket and Clank PS4 - Due to not Having A Captrue card

Terria & Minecraft - Due to Just got bored

Starbound & Oxgen not included - Due to just getting bored

Fnaf 3 - Due to Just all ready beat the game

Jolly ( FNAF fan game ) - Due to not being a horror person

All FNAF fan game - Due to getting a little bit tried of jumpsraces

Unreasled Let’s Plays / Walkthrough

Ravenfeid - took to long

TABG - Just did not like the video

Super Mario Sunshire - Due to just being to hard to play with a keyboard

On Hold Let’s Plays / Walkthrough

Trine 3 - Due to the Luigi’s mansion Walkthrough happening 

Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough - Due to the Luigi’s mansion Walkthrough happening 

Planned Lets’s Plays / Walkthrough

Pikemen - after Samruai jack: the shadow of aku

Rayman 2: The great escape - After Pikemen

shadow of the coulssus - Unknown

Completed Let's Plays / Walkthrough

FNAF ( 2018)

FNAF 2 (2018)

Warframe story 1 (2018)

Luigi’s Masion (2018)

FNAF 3 (2018)