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TheGamingDile is a channel hosted by Andrew Pixel a American who loves to play video games. This channel was created in May 31, 2017 and has been make all kinds of videos of him playing Video games. The only problem is that all this video from the beginning have been deteled not just once but four different times he had restarted the videos you seen now have been confirmed not to get deleted and chause more head aches he right now has five let’s going on more or less. three of his let’s Plays are on hold just includes Dark Souls 3 for the Ps4, Trine 3 for the Ps4 and Is Super Mario Sunshire let’s Play that is even on the channel yet has a hold on it out of all five let’s plays he has completely completed only one and that’s Luigi’s Masion.


Andrew Pixel had a YouTube channel in 2016 called “ Cking Gaming” but for or other thing the channel just disappeared over night. Two years later he makes a YouTube channel called “ TheGamingDile.” The reason he did a let’s Play channel is due to all the great creators of the type of content he liked. Here are all the YouTubers know that help start the channel Sckoh, Josh Jepson, Soopp Murgy, Cobi, Swinng bird and more.

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Current Series’

#2 Samurai Jack: Shadow of Aku (GCN)

Series' on Hiatus

#3 Trine 3 (PS4) 

#4 Dark Souls 3 (PS4) 

#5 Super Mario Sunshire (GCN) 

Past Series' 

#1 Luigi’s Masion (GCN)

Fun Facts

  • He has a few YouTube friends like Little otter gaming and TRIPPY ARCADE and more
  • Him and Trippy both made a second channel called “ Under The Sea Arcade“ back when he was know Cking Gaming
  • Under The Sea Arcade was a collaborative YouTube Let's Play channel and was deleted when Cking Gaming was deleted.
  • TheGamingDile was that some point apart of the Trippy clan but left due to unkown reasons
  • He help launched a YouTube channel called “Super Butt Gaming”