TheGamingDile is a American YouTuber who loves to play video games. The reason he became a Let’s playing channel was due to the fact he love youtubers like Josh jepson, SckohPlays, Cobi, swimming bird and many more. His content is in the age rating of 13+ because of random stupidity and mild language ( the only reason he puts mild language is because he will sometimes said Damn It .)

TheGamingDile’s Profile Pictrue of 2018

He has Played many games on the GameCube and other places. If you are looking for a nice LPer who can be so much more. A little more he allso does Walkthroughs.

Current Series

Samruai Jack: Shadow of Aku

On Hold Let’s Plays / Walkthrough

Trine 3 - Due to the Luigi’s mansion Walkthrough happening 

Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough - Due to the Luigi’s mansion Walkthrough happening 

Completed Let's Plays / Walkthrough

Luigi’s Masion (2018)

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