aka Hikaru (a pen name used before she revealed her first name) or Lightning. She has finally revealed her name, a long-time secret, to be Molly. She is a female Let's Player and has done Let's Plays on her channel for about 6 years now. She is well known for her Kingdom Heart Let's Plays when she commentates with her friend ChristanCosplayer,and respected for still being a wartank of power and Let's Plays even through many lifetime problems, such as nearly losing her parents, already losing three of her closest family members,(including her pet cats) as well as struggling with her physical disability.

Her channel had been on hitaus for a year in 2013 due to nearly losing her mother to a severe case of bronchitis mixed with urinary track infection that had already become septic,and increasing amounts of problems in recording. It eventually led to her resignation as of March 12, 2013. She has recently returned in late 2015 and posts occasional videos. 

Despite already becoming a young adult and changing her old microphone, viewers still mistake her voice for a young boy's. Her old laptop was used for storing the Minecraft videos and were barely salvaged, and she now plays on a new laptop, as well as rather recently obtaining a new phone.

She had posted a video of resignation (now removed) before, stating her resignation as a Youtuber. The video elaborated that this was a very rough choice for her to make but was for the sake of her family. She revealed herself to be handicapped, along with her father and mother. She seems to suffer from depression and was recently even admitted to the hospital for a medical condition.

Please don't be mean to her and show your support and cheer for her if you are a fan of her. She's an amazing person and could use some more cheer and shine in her days.

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  • Tongue-Tied moments
  • Amusing sarcasm
  • Random comments and nicknames
  • Derpy voices

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