TheRedEGamer AKA Red/RedE/Ryley is a Canadian Let's Player/Commentator. He Started Let's Playing in 2012 with his channel TheRedEGamer. He is not a well know Let's Player but has a decent sized channel.

Red's Life and Youtube ChannelEdit

Red was born in Alberta, Canada. He has 2 siblings, One has a youtube channel where he posts random videos and the other doesn't. In March 2012 Red came up with the name RedEGaming45, but didn't stick with it. Then on March 31 he made the name TheRedEGamer. RedE comes from Reds intials Ryley E.D. E. 

In Augest 2012 Red got his first microphone and a laptop. He Started his channel off with Mari0. A knock off of Mario and Portal. 2 weeks later Red was accepted in to a network called EdgeTVNetwork and was there till January and the network ended. By that time Red had reached 30 Subscribers, and in Febuary he was accepted into LPerPower. Red has done 1 let's play and is doing 2 more.

Done Let's Plays: Mari0

Current Let's Plays: Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga and Super Mario 64

Red enjoys making puns and often says them if they are completly irrelevent to what he's playing, and doesn't have much catchphrases, but a few are "Awwh Nuts!" if he messes up on something, "You knobgobbler!" if he get's killed or loses a level to a different NPC, "I am Batmna" Out of random.

His Insperations for starting youtube are Chuggaaconroy

The Syndicate Project



and Derpiful

Red has done a few videos with others such as

ASN Vanilla (another small youtuber and Ryley's friend irl)

MiniGamer (Red's IRL friend)

Red is doing a versus with WhatAboutGaming Ocarina of Time

and Super Mario World 4 Player versus With iMara92lp, CaptainPaladinLP and WhatAboutGaming