TheRelentlessNeleon is a retired YouTuber. Unfortunately, he has not posted why this is or if he switched channels.

History on YouTubeEdit

TheRelentlessNeleon proclaims that he has been on YouTube since 2007, and hasn't decided to make an account until September 1st, 2013.  He watched Let's Players (mainly Bpblu and Chuggaaconroy) for years.  He apparently never created an account before because he was too young to do so and he thought that everybody would hate him for it.  Now that he is in his late teenage years, he is more comfortable to make videos and share them on YouTube.  He apparently uploaded multiple let's plays before his supposed first let's play, but he deleted them because lots of his subscribers weren't active.  He then claims that he returned because he felt bad of completely abandoning the subscribers that were indeed active without notifying them of anything.

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