Serious Celebi  is a thriving Let's Player who focuses mainly on doing Let's Plays for Mario, Sonic and Pokemon games. He also tends to upload new videos ever so often on a popular video sharing, viewing, and social site. He has also included his brother, Flippin' Flygon on two different collabs to date


Serious Celebi's current icon

.  He has stated many times that he heavily dislikes games such as Minecraft and Skyrim.  He has also noted that his favorite game of all time is Luigi's Mansion which he has created and finished a let's play about.  He has revealed that he has countlessley tried to partner with various gaming networks. Serious Celebi also has followers on his main socializing site.  Serious Celebi's style has been described as "comedic" and informative as he has stated that for his second Let's Play of Pokemon Crystal

History and Starting Out

Serious Celebi, like many people who started Let's Playing in 2012, found a big influence in Chuggaaconroy.  As much as he enjoyed Chuggaa's work, he has admited to never seing a Let's Play before he started doing LP's.  He has said to have started out his Let's Playing by talking to his DS, in front of a camera and then editing the video to enhance the quality.  Though these bits of his early work were never released on Youtube, you could see some resemblences between the two different videos. 

Serious Celebi has officially joined Youtube on August 25th, 2012, and uploaded the first episode of his first Let's Play on the exct same day.


List of Let's PlaysEdit

Past Let's Plays:

#1: Pokemon Black/White

#2: Pokemon Crystal

#3: Luigi's Mansion

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