TheTango797 (or just Tango797) is a Lets Player who primarily plays Minecraft or free mods such as Black Mesa. He plays by himself as much as he plays with others, mainly with his best friend Angryl2. Together they make up "Team Rolls Royce". Tango opened his channel on April 9th 2011. Tango is also a member of The Blunder Bolts. A group of amatuer voice actors who focus on blind readings of scripts from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Team Rolls RoyceEdit

Tango originally founded the team during a Minecraft Multiplayer Let's Play with Angryl2. Angry had built a fancy entrance to their cave which reminded him of the grill of a Rolls Royce. Despite this however, the original members of Team Rolls Royce were himself and his two dogs in the game "Charlie" and "Chips". Although Angryl2 was made a member shortly thereafter. He also plans on enlisting Ninja Pony (Popular for his "My Little Pony with Censor Bleeps" videos) and playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive together.

Changes to the teamEdit

Barring any OFFICIAL sponsorship from Rolls Royce, Tango plans to change the team name to "Fire Team Romeo" since all members like to play action games (particularly Counter-Strike).

Catch PhrasesEdit

"Rolls Royce, please sponsor me."

"I hate my liiiiiffe!" (Jumping from a high place.)

"No I don't." (Landing safely after jumping from a high place.)

"Yes I doooooooo!" (Falling from a high place shortly after landing safely after jumping from another high place.)

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