The Definitive X-Com Commander's Guide is a VLP of X-Com: Enemy Within by JadeStar and GuavaMoment, originally published on Something Awful's LP Forum; it is one of the most widely-followed LPs on the forums, with over 4500 posts and nearly 650,000 views as of Episode 34.


The goal of the LP is show players how to improve their game, to learn and become better at it, and hopefully to teach viewers how to tackle the higher difficulty parts of the game. According to JadeStar

"I have played the game inside and out and I want to bring a quality LP to you that isn't just fun to watch, I want you to learn from it. I have several friends who play the game and either stick to Normal difficulty or get wiped out on Classic. These are the kinds of people I want to get the most from this LP. Anyone who struggles or thinks the game is too hard in places, I am here to help. That is my goal. On top of this I of course want this to be an entertaining and enjoyable experience for everyone else, including people who do not own the game or those that have no problem beating the game on Classic. 

Joining me through the LP will be GuavaMoment. I would like to think between the two of us no-one knows more about playing X-Com than we do. Between us we have beaten the game countless times. With normal settings or extreme second wave handicaps. Guava is of course a good friend and whom I mostly owe my entry in LPing to. 

Departing from our previous X-Com LPs this LP will not be narrative driven. I will not be making up my own story to put on top of the game. X-Com Enemy Within actually comes with its own plot. The three main exposition characters will try to narrate the over arching story of the war and its effects. The story is there, it's nice, but it is not the strong point of the game. However I will not be trying to circumnavigate it to try and place this game within the story of the narrative Guava and I have built upon the previous entries. "

Episode LinksEdit

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