DaNintendo and Blade Cat, Epic-Gamerz921 REBORN

The Gamin' Dudes HD is the Collaborative Channel in the place of Epic-Gamerz 921 between DaNintendo, Blade Cat and NSSXCreationz on YouTube

The Gamin' Dudes HD (formerly Epic-Gamerz921) was re-founded in 2013-2014 after Epic-Gamerz921 closed down

Current SeriesEdit

Dare Series (Official): The Main focus for the Collab Channel until DaNintendo is able to record gameplay on consoles. The dares are issued through YouTube Comments. (Also formerly Daniel's Link:


This is the second time that the Gamin' Dudes have rebooted due to technical difficulties. But they were allowed to get the URL changed after their reboot.

The Gamin' Dudes HD MembersEdit


DaNintendo is the founder of The Gamin' Dudes HD. With the original idea of creating of the collaborative channel, he was inspired so from WiiAreAnItem and Versus.

Daniel is the editor of the channel's videos and the channel's website.

Blade CatEdit

Reece is the silent type of person in the videos. That is all.

But he does tend to ramble on, see his 'Vlog #2 - With DaNintendo' video to see evidence of this.

NSSX CreationzzEdit

Andrew is the member that is the cleanest (language-wise). His main channel has been inactive for quite some time.

Andrew is also the member that is the most reliable to get in touch with via YouTube Comments.

Social LinksEdit

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