Tittille Winks a new lets play group founded by MellowCottin and Montechrereboy (Mostly Montechrereboy)

The Gang currently consist of RANDOMNIZER9, MellowCottin, and Montechrereboy.With few vidoes and even fewer likes these guys talk on each other and even better the fight for the MVP CROWN.

The Groups FormationEdit

One night on a saturday, we, I mean they got bored. So they decided to record Mario Party, but there was too much arguing an fighting. So they recorded Mario Kart 64, a game they will never finish.

Lets Play ChannelsEdit



Tittille Winks Play-

The Group and there Roles.Edit

Xcalubear (The Crew): Enjoys Honey Buns, Starwars Legos, and Ladies. He adds annoying back drop to the videos rather by his high piched voice or his constant nagging.

Montechrereboy (The Leader): The only sane one (Just kidding). Enjoys cats and stuff. Formed the group with MellowCottin and is the only one who knows how to spell. More than a man but less than a god.

MellowCottin (2nd in charge): Enjoys food, dogs, sports, and sleeping. he is never short on words famous catch phrase's "I don't f**king care, deal with it." and "Stop your whining." when hes not destroying peoples dreams or being a complete and uder d**che you can find him sleeping.

Inverted Default (lkhsfdlhflj) He's an Asshole.

There Enemys.Edit

Archteron -Took down the Tittille Winks wikipedia article.

Vegetables - MellowCottins personal enemy.

People - They are very anti-social. They live on the bump on this that I found in a hole on the bottom of the sea. 

Mario - A real jerk sometimes.

The MVP CrownEdit

A crown that go's to the best Player and or Teemmate of the game. The current keeper of the Crown can be challenged for it.

Games Lets PlayedEdit

Mario Kart 64 (Flower cup is difficult)
Halo: Combat Evolved
Dead Rising (Recording.


"We really do have no work ethic." - Everyone


"~I will rape you in your sleep~" - MellowCottin

"I'll build a fortress made of rocks!" -MellowCottin

"Frank West is a douche" -Everyone

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