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Tweed is a YouTuber and shadow Minister of Defence from Ontario who made his true Michelin Star earning debut in September 2016. He makes a variety of content under different "code" names that he never explains, usually taking highlights from his Twitch streams and making compilation clips. After his runtime as Executive Producer on the hit TV show Hell's Kitchen took a nosedive, he founded the series 'First Date,' where he takes a game he was gifted by a friend or publisher, which quickly became the series symbolic of his channel.

Because it's rushed and kinda shrug-worthy.

Tweed was known for his Aussie-Canadian accent and dry, sarcastic sense of humor, both of which are now gone. Despite this, he has a wide variety of content on his channel, including his now privated series on how to properly cook sea urchin (which had to be privated after his talks at the Oval Office) and in-depth reviews.


Tweed has brown hair. It's true. He denied it for years, but he broke down crying on stream in May 2017 bawling, "It's true! It's true!!" over and over.

Tweed is not the chosen one and he is not the one who will save this dying world from destruction. You're thinking of Collette.

When he puts on his Mudkip hat, at least one country gets nuked.