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Tweed is a YouTuber from Ontario who made his true Michelin Star earning debut in September 2016. He makes a variety of content under different "code" names that he never explains, usually taking highlights from his Twitch streams and making compilation clips. His more recent series, 'First Date,' where he takes a game he was gifted by a friend or publisher, became his most popular, becoming the series symbolic of his channel.

Tweed is known for his Aussie-Canadian accent and dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Despite this, he has a wide variety of content on his channel, including non-humorous content and in-depth reviews.


Tweed creates several types of content under different names to help distinguish types of content from one another.

Tweed's Guide - A thoroughly edited, 15+ minute review video of either video games or a gaming-related event.

Tweed Plays - A compilation of edited clips from Tweed's past streams.

Tweed Force One - A compilation of edited clips from Tweed's past streams with collaborating friends.

First Date - A 'first look' style video of indie games Tweed gets sent by friends and publishers, usually by email.

Zip - A short tongue-in-cheek style game review.

Tweed Extras - Anything else that doesn't fit in those categories.