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Twilight Foundry logo, 2012

Twilight Foundry (formerly Twilight Foundry Robotics from 2003-2004 and Twilight Foundry Films from 2009-2011) is an independent multimedia label and game development company established in 2001.


Twilight Foundry was formed in 2001 by four gamers aiming to take a satiric look at video games and gaming culture. Their first project was a website called "The Twilight Zone", hosted on GeoCities, which the team used as a sort of "home base" to catalog their creations and works. The group disbanded in 2004 over creative differences.

Twilight Foundry reformed in 2008 with a new lineup of talent under the name "Twilight Foundry Films" and began pursuing experimental web series and other ventures. Since the reformation of the group, Twilight Foundry has lent a hand in the production of several computer games, produced web shows, managed live performances for some of its members, and produced a gaming livestream.

Games Published[]

  • Bit Addiction (2011, PC, TrackMill Games)
  • Steel Superstructure (2010, PC, TrackMill Games)
  • Blast Corps: Online (2002, PC, In-house)


  • The group derives its name from a secret level in the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps

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