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Twilight Foundry (formerly Twilight Foundry Robotics from 2003-2004 and Twilight Foundry Films from 2009-2011) is an independent multimedia label and game development company established in 2001 and presently located in Hollywood Park, Texas.

In their history the label has produced a number of web series and pilots, but to remain relevant to the content of this wiki they are noted for producing the commentary series GMO2 and its predecessor Godmode: On. From December 2012 through April 2013, Twilight Foundry was the production studio behind the live gaming broadcast website GatorAIDS Gaming. They are now only tangentially involved with GatorAIDS' spinoff project "Gatorbox" by means of providing web hosting.


Twilight Foundry was formed in 2001 by four avid gamers aiming to take a satiric look at video games and gaming culture. Their first project was a website called "The Twilight Zone", hosted on GeoCities, which the team used as a sort of "home base" to catalog their creations and works. Each of the four members of the troupe also maintained a regular presence on a number of popular retrogaming communities such as AtariAge and Sonic HQ. The group disbanded in 2004 over creative differences.

Twilight Foundry reformed in 2008 with a new lineup of talent under the name "Twilight Foundry Films" and began pursuing experimental web series and other ventures. Since the reformation of the group, Twilight Foundry has lent a hand in the production of several computer games, produced a successful web show, managed live performances for some of its members, published books, and produced a routine gaming broadcast among other ventures.

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  • Bit Addiction: Addicted! (2013, Mobile, TrackMill Games)
  • Bit Addiction (2011, PC, TrackMill Games)
  • Steel Superstructure (2010, PC, TrackMill Games)
  • Blast Corps: Online (2002, PC, In-house)


  • The group derives its name from a secret level in the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps.

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