aka Dan Rosenthal

  • I live in Cambridge, MA, USA
  • My occupation is Games Industry Lawyer/Attorney, Game Developer
  • I am Male

The _os stands for Old Skool.

Hi, I'm SWATJester. I go elsewhere on the internet by Diplomaticus or Leif.  I'm a games developer (executive producer at a mid-sized mobile games studio) and games industry attorney who represents LPers, YouTubers, and other gamers.  I've represented all kinds of personalities, from indie developers, to large media outlets, to mainstream media personalities, and more. Formerly, I was the Director of Business Development for, which under my tenure was the fastest growing MCN on YouTube. We hosted hundreds of personalities (including top name talent like Towelliee) and attracted millions and millions of views.  On a personal level,  I've always been a fan of LPs and have been involved in several on the Something Awful forums. I also stream as LeifSA on Twitch.  

I think there is a lot of potential for this wiki to curate and identify the best LPs and the best LPers, and make this a central repository for all things LP, including tips and tricks, equipment, software, tutorials, etc.  What we have right now is 300-or so pages full of any scrub with a YouTube account, and it's all self promotion. My plan is to build out the site, remove the self promotion, and set some basic curation and inclusion criteria. For instance, LPers with less than 5,000 subscribers should not have their own page; there should be a single page where LPers can add their link to a list.  (Hypothetical number, the actual number may be different). 

Games well-suited for LPingEdit

Some games are naturally well suited for LPing, and are high priorities for an article (and possibly collectively an article for a list of games suitable for LPing.) Games will be either VLP (Video), SSLP (Screenshot), Hybrid (Hyb.) and may include audience participation (AP), multiplayer (MP), or other features making them particularly good LP candidates. It's not just that the game is great, but that something about it make it especially good for LPing, for example ease in telling a story, or tons of audience participation opportunities. Some examples:

  • Dwarf Fortress, (SSLP) (AP). Dwarf Fortress has spawned tons of classic LPs, including the famous Boatmurdered, and the slightly less famous Matul Remrit, Syrupleafs, Headshoots and Gemclod LPs on the Something Awful forums. Ability to name dwarfs after audience (potentially up to 200+ at a time, with new dwarves coming in and dying all the time). Succession games are very common by handing off the save.  Tons and tons of backstory to flesh out characters for personality.
  • Rimworld, (Hyb.) (AP). Everything from Dwarf Fortress, but in real-time, making this better for a Hybrid LP (but could do SSLP or even VLP with liberal use of time acceleration even beyond the in-game 4x).
  • Dominions 4, (SSLP) (MP). Very popular LP community on SA Forums, with some incredibly well-done LPs presented from various viewpoints -- one faction at a time, all factions collectively, one particular faction's vendetta against another faction, newbie-oriented explanatory game, etc. Has something of a curse of many LPs not finishing, but this is also due to Dom4 games tending to end by concession when one player begins to run away with an unstoppable lead, rather than waiting for a formal end. Ridiculous amount of viable strategies and combinations, combined with heavy emphasis on diplomacy and scheming makes this infinitely replayable for good LPs. 
  • Aurora. (SSLP) (AP). Incomprehensibly bad interface, but designed for creating LP storytelling content. Excellent and amazing content (Coldest War, the Eridani Empire, etc.) when sheparded by a skilled LPer. 
  • Space Station 13 (Hyb.) (AP). No game is crazier. No game.

Ongoing LPs I'm watchingEdit

The following LPs I'm currently watching, though some may be already completed and are archived (or in progress of being archived).

Ongoing High Quality LPs I track dailyEdit

Ongoing LPs that I check from time to timeEdit

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To DoEdit

  • Move List of let's players to List of Let's Players or List of LPers for proper grammar.
  • Merge *List of Female LPers into the main list; no need for a separate list just for females. If the community deems value in having specific identification for female LPers, then that can be easily done by denotation on the main list. Right now, it just fractures the list into two places that are not as visible or easily updated.
  • Cleanup of pages incompatible with inclusion policy
  • Expand and build out YouTube and
  • Start article on the LP Archive and Baldurk
  • Finish/Start articles on the SA LPers listed above.
  • Starting from the list of let's players entries with the most subs, begin creating new articles for each LPer (even if they are just redlinks for now) that meets the inclusion criteria, stopping at around 5000 subs for sanity's sake. 
  • Create a template for LP linking, with autopopulation of relevant tables on related game's article page. Can be done by {{link|blah|2=}} with [[{{{1|}}}]] <sup>[{{{2|}}} view on youtube]</sup>. For autopopulation see: DPL and
DPL Code:

<dpl> allowcachedresults=true dplcache=linkcache2 uses=Template:link include={link}:1 table = class="wikitable sortable popout",Page,Youtube tablerow = [%% view on YouTube] noresultsheader=\n </dpl>

[ More].

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