First of all, hi there "Let's Play wiki"! I've been lets playing for more then 3 years now, and something came to my mind just recently.

Since the social networks are rapidly expanding, is there and hashtag used by LPers to cathegorize thier posts? For example: right now, I'm sharing on Facebook a like to the new episodes of my LPs, but whenever I start a new one, I add the hashtag #DropThatLetsPlay to let everyone know that's a brand new LP.

Is there already something like that going on in the socials? I've seen there is #newletsplay but it has only 12 posts.

Shouldn't all the LPers vote (on a poll or something) and decide on an hastag to put in their posts to help the community of big and small LPers to get even more connected then before?

Just a little idea I had, let me know what you think.