yoshi8869, The Amateur Gamer, is a new Let's Player and Zelda fanatic. He has started three Let's Plays as of December, 2012. All of which have been put on hold until after Christmas due to school-related problems.

His main influences are JoshJepson (primarily), chuggaaconroy , SuperJeenius, PewDiePie , ProtonJonSA, and 3killabytes. His style is heavily based on JoshJepson, his claimed favorite LPer and YouTuber. 

He prefers Zelda over any game series and Nintendo over any console. He plays classic games from his childhood. He intends to play every Zelda game in existence and every Mario game in his library. He also loves the 2D Raymans. 

He is a novice at games, but that adds to the humor and entertaining visual. He has attempted to start his own memes. He has up to three already, one was unintentional, the other two are common phrases he uses in everyday life.

He makes a point to cater to his viewers. If they don't like something, he takes that into consideration when making changes. In that way, he is much different than JoshJepson and chuggaaconroy.

He's also in a band and uses his Twitter for both his LPs and his band. He has a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. All of which are either yoshi8869 or The Amateur Gamer.

He has a tendency to make high-pitched whines and deep grunts when something either baffles him or angers him.

Current Let's PlaysEdit

1. ThLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

2. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (NGC)

3. Super Mario Sunshine (NGC)

Famous QuotationsEdit

  • "Good day, I am yoshi8869, the Amateur Gamer, and this is [insert game here]. How are you all this fine day? Well, I'm [insert mood here]."
  • "Jesus, monkeys, barrels, shit!"
  • "Oh my Good Lord!"
  • "Well, fuck you, sir!"
  • "Well, I appear to have been fucked..."
  • "I have been yoshi8869, the Amateur Gamer and this has been [insert game here]. Thank you all for watching. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed. And if you didn't, then go away! I will see each and everyone of you back here in [insert location] in the next episode. Until then, remember to eat your [insert word here]. Good day."

Social Media LinksEdit

YouTube yoshi8869

Twitter @yoshi8869

Facebook The Amateur Gamer

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