Yoshiller2 , better known as Yoshiller (or Bradley), is a YouTuber well known for his walkthroughs. Though he specializes in walkthroughing, Yoshiller also records other gaming videos, such as his popular "Whatever Wednesday" videos, where he uploads whatever he wants every Wednesday. He currently has 70,000+ subscribers 


Yoshiller2 initially made videos on his former YouTube account, simply known as Yoshiller, in 2006. He worked on AMVs and sprite animations. After wanting to pursue another interest, he closed his YouTube account and opened a new account in 2008. Yoshiller2 began his walkthroughing career with Sonic Adventure 2. With that said, Yoshiller2 has completed a total of 52 walkthroughs. He originally did a combination of both commentated and non-commentated walkthroughs, though he became more comfortable with doing commentary after recording his most popular walkthrough, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He just recently completed his Sonic: Lost World walkthrough and is currently working on his Kirby triple Deluxe walkthrough. A list of all Yoshiller's walkthroughs, including other playlist can be found here. Some noteable walkthroughs Yoshiller2 produced were New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Pokémon White, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and New Super Mario Bros. U. His current walkthrough id of Earthbound.

A Break From Walkthroughing Edit

Yoshiller announced on December 31st, 2012 that he was to end his walkthroughing career to take on new hobbies. He never officially put this into action until February 2nd, 2013, although he completed all walkthroughs he hadn't finished that have been going before this date. His reason for quitting was because he no longer felt unique and he lost all motivation. Though Yoshiller2 did upload animation-related videos and such, he lost motivation once again. He also uploaded a few Whatever Wednesday videos once in a while. He slowed down on YouTube, uploading at least one video a week, and this lasted throughout most of the year of 2013. But his fans never gave up hope! They tried their best to help Yoshiller regain his motivation to walkthrough once again! The fans' effort showed its success through Yoshiller's announcement that he made on September 11th 2013, when he declared his official return to the Let's Playing community and became a walkthrougher yet again!

Return to walkthroughsEdit

About a couple weeks after his comeback announcement, his Pokemon Y walkthrough made its debut. He currently works on walkthroughs and Whatever Wednesday videos on a regular basis.


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"Hello humans, I'm Yoshiller!" (at the beginning of most of his videos)

"Oorga boorga boorga!" (said randomly during most of his videos)

"Ian, stop playing the guitar!" (New Super Mario Bros. Wii/ New Super Mario Bros. U)

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